2006 Together We Care Charity Dinner


Cited National Population and Family Development Board statistics that showed there were 19,800 divorces and 150,000 marriages in 2004. Among the reasons cited for broken marriages were irreconcilable differences, irresponsibility and interference by in-laws. Other reasons included drug-addiction, cheating, refusal of permission to take a second wife, and others that involved money, abuse, crime, gambling and alcohol addiction. As the country went through social changes, the family unit was weakening. An increasing number of women are becoming single mothers and this puts them under a lot of financial and emotional strain, where children were also affected.


Organized by S8 Auto, in aid of Yayasan Nanyang Press and the smart partnership Goodyear Servitekar, S8 “Together We Care” Charity Dinner 2006 was a phenomenal success in the industry. A total of RM 545,009.10 has been collected for the welfare of single mothers and their children.

Yayasan Nanyang had been running workshops for single mothers since 2000 and some 700 single mothers had benefited from the foundation’s programmes.

The RM545,009 generated from this event has been channelled into the foundation’s programme and workshops for single mothers and their children such as skills training, counselling, support groups and human development initiatives, and programmes for underpriviledged children.

Mr.Ming Says there were more than half a million single mothers in Malaysia alone and there was a need to empower them to work, instead of just handing them welfare cheques that kept them trapped in a failed system."

Fundraising Charity Dinner

S8 “Together We Care” Charity Dinner was held on July 29, 2006 at the MINES International Exhibition and Convention Centre, attracted more than 2,300 guests to witness the charity feat together.

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen, who was also Wanita MCA chief, and Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho were the guests of honour. Goodyear Malaysia Bhd business development head Richard Tiew Hong Chok and Yayasan Nanyang Press chairman Tan Sri Wong See Wah were also present in the charity dinner.

There were singing and dancing performances by local famous artists Yang Wei Han, Daniel Lee, Cozzi, and our Goodwill Ambassador Yu Heng.

Wai Ming and Tiew handed over a mock cheque for the said amount to See Wah.


由S8汽车集团主办,南洋商报和GoodYear Servitekar为伙伴,S8“我们一起关怀”慈善晚宴2006年是行业中的巨大成功。共有RM 545,009.10已成功筹募并交予单身母亲及其子女。
S8“我们一起关怀”慈善晚宴隆重在The Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre举行于2006年7月29日,并吸引了2300多名宾客一起见证慈善壮举。
财政部副部长Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen,也是马华妇女组主任,与副内政部长Datuk Tan Chai Ho是当晚的特别嘉宾。GoodYear Malaysia Bhd业务开发负责人Richard Tiew Hong Chok和南洋商报主席Tan Sri Wong See Wah也出席了慈善晚宴。
伟明和Tiew 交了一个模拟支票给予Tan Sri Wong See Wah。

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