Air-Cond Flushing


Normal A/C Problem Occurrence

1. Car A/C is not cold enough, most foreman would suggest you to top-up your refrigerant.
2. Even is you topped-up your refrigerant, after few days, the same problem occurs again.
3. Intermittent A/C problem ( hot , cold , then hot again ...)
4. A/C is only available after you start your car's engine
5. A/C not functioning at all
6. Foul Smell from your A/C , please replace your A/C Air-Filter.

We strongly suggest you to visit us as soon as possible. Prevention is better than cure!
We strongly recommend to perform car care as it actually saves more money than changing new parts on your car!

Nowadays, if you want to repair or change every parts of your car's A/C system like A/C compressor, condenser, pipes,
Special Equipment is needed and you will have to spend up to RM 5,000 (estimated amount for local cars) . A large amount of time will be needed , just to fix your car's A/C. Why not perform car care before it broke down?

And if it really breaks down and no repair is applied, numerous problems will happen to your car as well such as :
-Water tank ruptures
-Reduce engine power, fuel efficiency
-Damaging electronic parts
-And most serious of all, Spontaneous Combustion of your loved car as below

Here's where our A/C Flushing Machine comes in, 

A/C Flushing Machine and it's function
Shortly explained, This A/C Flushing Machine which are located at S8 Auto's Branches can performs the following tasks:
- Refrigerant recovering 
- Recharging 
- Recycling

A/C Flushing Machine helps cleans your car's A/C system thoroughly without having to spend lot of money.
If you wish to know how it works in details, please kindly visit one of our branch.

Having your car's A/C system flushed could benefits you and your car in a lot of ways :
- More throttle power , Engine operates more normally
- Reduced resistance in compressor,
- Lesser burden for your car's engine, more fuel efficient
- Better Protection for your compressor and components,  which makes them longer lasting.
- Of course, your car's A/C operates normally and there's cool air !

How Air-Condition (A/C) Works?

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Picture below shows the main components of car A/C system.

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