Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

2015 Mae Salong Tree-Planting Project 
Phase Two
Due to the successful of Phase 1, we have call on our peers to join the Phase 2 of this meaningful project. Unprecedentedly, more than 15 car service centres have teamed up to launch a Cash Voucher Booklet to support the Tree-Planting Project and greater rewards to our loving car owners in Klang Valley!

此项慈善计划获受各大媒体争相报道,深受爱心车主及各友好商家的一致好评。为了让这份爱心延续,本集团决定打铁趁热,再次发起第二期的种树计划。这一次,我们呼吁了同行们参与这项计划,缔造在业界史无前例的慈善活动。为了支持这项种树计划,超过15家汽车维修中心联手推出 20,000本“回馈爱心车主优惠卷”回馈广大的爱心车主,目标筹款为RM600,000

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2013 Mae Salong Tree-Planting Project  

Phase 1

“Mae Salong Northern Thailand Charitable Tree Planting Project” is one of our recent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects alliance with GOODYEAR, CASTROL, and DELKOR, aimed to increase public awareness on environmental issues in Malaysia and our neighboring countries. This project successfully raised the fund of RM302,742.33 from 1st September 2013 to 31st January 2014, answer to the call of action from IAHV Miracle Tree-Planting Project to resolve poverty, education, and ecological problems of local villagers at inner Mae Salong located at Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand.

配合由国际人性价值协会(IAHV)呼吁的“奇迹之树植树计划”,“泰北美斯乐慈善环保种树计划”是我们近期展开的企业社会责任(CSR)项目,目的是为了提升在马来西亚和周边国家的环境意识和认识。这项计划的第一期获得了GOODYEAR, DELKOR, CASTROL 的赞助下,在短短的5个月之内成功募集了RM302,742.33的款项作为解决位于泰北清莱美斯乐深山村民的贫困、教育、及环境等一系列问题的基金。经过6个月的悉心灌溉,种植在Sri Sri山上的辣木树已经长得成年人一般高了!

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2012 Thankful Teacher

“A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others.” Taking the opportunity upon our 9th Branch Opening Ceremony at Puchong in Oct 2011, Our group founder Mr. Wong decided to contribute RM100 cash voucher for each teacher in Han Ming School in Bandar Puchong Utama for their contributions in education sector. A total of RM15,000 was presented to all teachers of Han Ming Primary School for their cultivation to our future pillars of the nation.


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2006 Together We Care Charity Dinner
Cited National Population and Family Development Board statistics that showed there were 19,800 divorces and 150,000 marriages in 2004. Among the reasons cited for broken marriages were irreconcilable differences, irresponsibility and interference by in-laws. Other reasons included drug-addiction, cheating, refusal of permission to take a second wife, and others that involved money, abuse, crime, gambling and alcohol addiction. As the country went through social changes, the family unit was weakening. An increasing number of women are becoming single mothers and this puts them under a lot of financial and emotional strain, where children were also affected.


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2005 Charity Car Wash

After the successful launched of Charity Day, we continue our charitable spirits with “Charity Car Wash” on every Sunday at our service centers. All the fundraising from car wash were fully contributed for Rumah Hope, Rumah Charis, and Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation.

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2005 Charity Day
In an effort to promote a caring society, we have launched our very first charity program on 19th June 2005 at Puchong Kinrara, named S8 Charity Day”. This campaign is in aid with the Malaysia Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation, Rumah Charis, Rumah Hope; and sponsored by Goodyear Marketing & Sales Sdn Bhd, Borneo Technical Co (M) Sdn Bhd, and Wellness Laboratories Centre Sdn Bhd.
In conjunction with the campaign, we also given out 15,000 coupons valued for RM50 in order to reward our loyalty customers for their long-standing supports. Each coupon entitles car owners a full car servicing package with lubricant oil, oil filter and labour fees. All the fund raised from the coupons are fully contributed for the mentioned beneficiary associations.
"I deeply understand that car owners are generally have negative impression, sense of distrust, or even alert on car service centers. However, I strongly emphasize on honesty, reasonable, and trustable as our service principle. That is the reason why we are standing ahead of our peers in gaining excellent word-of-mouth and supports." Says Mr.Wong , Director of S8 Auto.
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