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What is Charitable Tree Planting Project?


Mae Salong Northern Thailand Charitable Tree Planting Projectis one of our recent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects alliance with GOODYEAR, CASTROL, and DELKOR, aimed to increase public awareness on environmental issues in Malaysia and our neighboring countries.
This project successfully raised a total fund of RM302,742.33 from 1st September 2013 to 31st January 2014, answer to the call of action from IAHV Miracle Tree-Planting Project to resolve poverty, education, and ecological problems of local villagers at inner Mae Salong located at Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand.

"泰北美斯乐慈善环保种树计划"是由S8集团联合汽车业的知名商家 GOODYEAR, CASTROL, DELKOR,在近期内发起的其中一项跨越国际、种族的企业社会责任,藉此唤醒全人类对马来西亚及邻国环保意识的觉醒。
这项计划于2013年9月1日至2014年1月31日,短短5个月之内成功筹获了总共RM302,742.33的款项,作为响应协办单位 - 国际人性价值协会(IAHV) “奇迹之树种植计划”的基金。这笔基金由IAHV管理及分配以作为救济位于泰北美斯乐深山村民的贫穷、教育、及生态环境问题。针对马来西亚来受到达到救济泰北当地的生态环境、提供就业机会、改善贫穷、支援教育等一举数得的效果。

Donate RM30 to get voucher worth RM 600! Every help is needed.



Through the donation of three Moringa Tree saplings with RM30, your kindness will be rewarded with one Voucher Booklet and redeem at any participated car service centre under the project between 1st February 2015 and 31st October 2015.
The 20 cash vouchers which valued more than RM600 covered all the needs for your car maintenance, included tyre, sport-rim, battery, oil change service, timing belts, brake pad, absorbers, air-cond service, alignment & balancing , and other repair services.
The great stuff for this voucher booklet is that every single voucher is transferable and used on different vehicles! You may share the joy with your friends and family on top of doing good! All the donations will fully contribute to Tree-Planting Project and managed by IAHV. Let’s spread our love without boundaries, ethnicities, and races to the world!

How to contribute?
We also welcome any amount of donation. Kindly call 03-7842 2812 or 016-416 6560 if you have any enquiries.
我们也欢迎任何数额的捐赠。如有任何疑问,请致电03-7842 2812或016-416 6560。


Participated Partners




What triggered us to do this?


ATO Village is located in the inner Mae Salong, Mae Fah Luang, Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. The communities in this village still live in a primitive way, staying in a simple thatched cottage house, and cultivating corn for living cost due to the inaccessibility and remoteness of the villagers. They are mostly from the underpriviledged mountain ethnic group named Aka.

1. The prolonged absence in source of income leads to lack of educational opportunities for the children in this village.
2. Due to the lack of education, opportunities, and awareness, burning hills become a habit of the less-educated villagers, resulting in serious soil erosion and ecological system imbalance.
3. The poverty, drug trafficking, and wars of their neighbor countries – Myanmar and Laos (“Golden Triangle”) even worsen the situation. This has become sources of the environment vicious cycle.

Knowing the root of problems motivates us to take the initiative to resolve it with our utmost capabilities. This is how we determined to start our charitable journey that Beyond the Nation…

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